On a cold January 3rd of the year 2012 a boy meets a girl and asks her to dance! She kindly says yes. They talked all night and the boy couldn't believe the girl was a nurse! She looked so "young and beautiful," he thought to himself! The girl asked for his phone number and they friend requested each other on Facebook!! That night the girl accepted his friend request and finds out the boy, who actually is a man, studied at Le Cordon Bleu! "A Chef!" Curious, the girl texted him and asked him out on a date! The date was wonderful, the girl thought! She fell in love with his smile while they talked over Ceviche and Tapas!

Then it was time for the parents to meet! He though of how to impress this beautiful girl and her family and decided that he would make a delicious sea-food Paella. After all, food is the way to any woman's heart and it was sure to impress her parents! He came over to her house and quickly bonded with her dad who was made his sous chef that night! The parents met and awed over his tasty and beautiful Paella! It was a success and the rest is history in the making! The day the boy made a girl and her family a Paella was the beginning of a family-owned catering business and a love that will last a lifetime!

Robert is the chef and owner of Paellas Pa'Ella. He studied at Le Cordon Bleu and decided to perfect a family-friend Paella recipe. His co-owner and sous chef is his father-in-law, Jorge. His wife, Jovanna, is an oncology nurse who loves to help with the business along with her mother, Dalma, who is a 2nd grade teacher!  Omar, his best friend and brother, is also dedicated to the family business.The five have ventured on this food journey and have discovered the love of food that brings people together. 

​The End

The story of

A Boy who makes Paella for a Girl

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